Greyhound Racing Dogs Slaughtered On Dog Farm

(Essex, VT, June 4, 2002--) Save the Greyhound Dogs! Inc. (STDG!), an education, protection organization has learned of a "Dachau" type extermination of 2,000 to 3,000 greyhound racing dogs. Robert Rhodes of Lillian, Ala., a long time trainer and breeder was paid $10.00 per dog by greyhound owners of Florida to do their dirty work. These defenseless dogs were shot and left to die.

Baldwin County, Fla., District Attorney David Whetstone said that investigators served a search warrant and found 40 freshly slaughtered greyhound dogs. In addition, satellite photos indicate that Rhodes property is filled with the remains of a least 3, 000 greyhound dogs.

Scottie Devens, founder/Director of STGD! States, "We speak for those who cannot. We believe that 20,000 greyhound-racing dogs are killed each year ant that these obscenities must end. It is our obligation to inform the public of this appalling situation. We will support and encourage all investigations of all involved in this abomination".